The 22nd Annual Congress of Taiwan Medical Association for
the Study of Obesity in conjunction with
the 6th Japan-Korea-Taiwan Symposium on Obesity, 2022

Obesity in Post-COVID Era

18th December 2022
NTUH International Convention Center 4F  Venue Official Website  Google Map

Dear Colleague,

The Taiwan Medical Association of Study on Obesity (TMASO) is pleased to invite you to attend the 6th Japan-Korea-Taiwan Symposium on Obesity that will be held on December 18th, 2022, in Taipei, Taiwan.

Since the first JKT conference in Tokyo in 2016, we have all learned a lot from these past wonderful meetings among our three countries. While the COVID-19 pandemic blocked our face-to-face communication in past 2 years, we have persevered to treat our patients in each country. Fortunately, we have developed effective methods against the virus. The prevalence and burden of obesity has rapidly increased during the pandemic period. This year, we hope, together, we can fight obesity in this post-COVID-19-era, and continue our friendship.

We expect this JKT joint meeting to update us on current obesity research in the post pandemic era in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. This meeting serves as a unique forum for all medical professionals dealing with specific types of obesity in their respective disciplines. We look forward to meeting you again in Taipei.

Yours sincerely,